Government Affairs and Advocacy Services

Matz, Blancato & Associates provide a full array of Washington representational services. This includes advocacy training and development, strategic consulting and counseling, access and intervention and legislative and regulatory monitoring. Matz, Blancato, and Associates recognize that this works needs to be constant to be effective. Its work encompasses the entire Congressional process and related regulatory activities. Matz, Blancato, and Associates also provides regular communication to its clients on developments that range from bulletins and alerts to e-mails and conference calls. Matz, Blancato, and Associates, where appropriate, advises clients on ways to develop a political action plan to compliment its other work in D.C.

Association Management

Through a diverse client base, Matz, Blancato & Associates has gained extensive expertise in association management. The firm has managed organizations ranging in size from small coalitions to major national associations. After exploring the needs of the client, Matz, Blancato & Associates will tailor an array of services available to fit the client's needs. The firm provides a full range of membership services including database management, various communications, recruitment and retention; meetings management including planning, logistics, and negotiations; and national office capabilities giving an organization a home in the heart of Washington, DC.




Robert Blancato